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Champions Brain Academy


”CHAMPIONS BRAIN ACADEMY” endeavours to make your child academically competent, confident & smart and to bring out the super natural powers within them. CHAMPIONS BRAIN ACADEMY firmly believe each child is a unique individual with enormous potential to be developed. It is our mission to foster and nurture the young’s multiple intellectual developments enabling them to harness the extraordinary power of the brain to produce wonderful results. Our comprehensive training programme is designed to empower students (5-15 years) with tools that will increase their memory, confidence, concentration, learning speed and the key that will unkey their creativity and talent. We conduct brain enrichment workshop for children through the use of modern technology and advanced brain wave frequency in the joy of music and stress free environment in human brain development. The purpose of CHAMPIONS BRAIN ACADEMY is not to teach knowledge but to create a “Well-Balanced Child” with vast abilities. CHAMPIONS BRAIN ACADEMY believe that every miracle is the undiscovered scientific invention. We have expert professionals from the various field like psychology, science, education which is providing the latest scientific brain analysis and enhancing inventions to the society. CHAMPIONS BRAIN ACADEMY ensures to provide students a very friendly, homely & comfortable environment during the workshop sessions. We aim to create highest level of trust with our promising services. We help to bring out the best in your child. Believe in your child and us.

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Now Kolkata is having Midbrain Activation course available in Champions Brain Academy
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Midbrain Activation INR 0 INR 0 Midbrain activation training is one that is able to activate the brain waves called alpha-theta in a child, where these waves are able to activate the super intuition, and this is directly proven. What makes it interesting, exciting is to make the child Read, Write, Paint and do some activities with his/her eyes closed. The children are able to read and do anything with eyes closed, such as guessing a card, color, number, shape , reading ,solving sums , drawing , colouring , cycling , walking and hurdles crossing etc. True 1471673540
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110, Bangur Avenue, Block - D - 700055
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